Review of Theory and Praxis of Music

Thomas Apostolopoulos

He was born in 1963, in Rizomata, Imathia, Greece. He studied law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh, 1985) and he has a postgraduate title in the field of History, Philosophy and Sociology of law (AUTh, 1990). He got a degree (1984) and a diploma (1992) of Byzantine music. He was nominated a Doctor of the Department of Music Studies at the University of Athens in 1997. He was elected as assistant professor at the Department of Music Studies at the University of Athens in April 2009, where he has been teaching since 2011. He has also taught at music middle schools, at the traditional music school “En chordais”, at the University of Macedonia (Department of Music Science and Art), and at many Odium’s seminars and Byzantine Music Schools. He teaches Theory of Psaltic Art as well as issues about the relations between the Byzantine Music and the secular music of East Mediterranean traditions at the University of Athens. He chants and sings with the choir of “En chordais”, which performs in Greece as well as abroad.

He has published the books: Apostolos Konstas from Chios island and his contribution to the Theory of music art (dissertation, Athens 2002) and The ecclesiastic music in the ecclesiastic law (Thessaloniki 1999). He has surveyed discographic editions (“En chordais”, University of Aegaeon etc.). Other publications concern the Byzantine music, the exegesis and transcription from Old Byzantine Music stenographic Method, and the Greek traditional folk music, the Learned Music of Constantinople in historical, theoretical, morphological and instrumental issues.