Review of Theory and Praxis of Music

Maria Ntourou

She was born in Athens and studied piano, harmony, counterpoint, fugue in the National Conservatory and composition in the École Normale de Musique de Paris and the Athenaeum Conservatoire. Her works have been performed in Greece and Italy. She is a regular member of the Greek Composers’ Union. She supervised the edition of the works of Maria Kalogridou and the third edition of the Catalogue of Works of Yiannis A. Papaioannou. She teaches music theory, she is director of the Siatista Music School and is a member of the Organisation of Teacher Training.

She was awarded a doctorate from the University of Athens; her thesis was a detailed analysis of the later works of the composer Yiannis A. Papaioannou. She has a fluent knowledge of French, English and Spanish, and holds a degree in Italian Language and Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.