Review of Theory and Praxis of Music

George Fitsioris

Ph.D. in Musicology (Athens University, Music Department, 2000), M.A. in Music Theory (Washington University in St. Louis, Music Department, 1996). He also studied architecture and music theory in Athens. Now, as an associate professor at the Music Department of the University of Athens, he teaches the courses of “Theory and Practice of Tonal Music”, “Theory and Practice of Renaissance Music” and “Musical Hermeneutics”, as well as seminars on theory and analysis of tonal, modal and rock music. His interests and research include work on Schenkerian theory and methodology, on the implementation of semiotic, phenomenological and, mainly, narratological models in music analysis, as well as on the history of music theory and compositional practices of late-medieval and renaissance music. He is a member of the advisory and the editorial board of the scientific journal Musicologia. In 2004 Nefeli-books has published his first book under the title Introduction to the Theory and Analysis of Tonal Music. A second book, The Bach Chorales, Placed within a Broader Historical Period of Compositional and Theoretical Pursuits (15th-18th centuries), has been published by Panas Music in 2010.