Review of Theory and Praxis of Music

Apostolos Kostios

Ph.D. on Musicology, Vienna University. Collaborations with the Austrian Radio, the A and C Programmes of the Greek Radio and Television, the Ministry of Culture, the Union of the Greek Composers, The National Opera etc. Founder and president of the Greek Music Library Friends Association. Gen. Secretary of the International Music Council of UNESCO. Professor at the Musical Studies Department of Athens University. Fields of teaching and research: history of music, history of Greek music, methodology of research, music interpretation. Scientific accountable of the university research programme Minos Dounias. Author of a Dimitris Mitropoulos biography, which won the Athens Academy Award, also of List of Works of D. Mitropoulos, Texts of D. Mitropoulos – Comments by Apostolos Kostios, The Theatrical Element in D. Mitropoulos. Editor of critical editions and translations. In 1988, Apostolos Kostios was awarded by the Austrian Ministry of Education the title of Professor. In 1997, he was elected member of the Greek National Committee for UNESCO. He is a member of the Advisory Board of Musicology.