Review of Theory and Praxis of Music

Nikos (Nicholas) Maliaras

BA in Byzantine and Modern Greek Literature, University of Athens (Greece) 1983; BA in Piano, Athens National Conservatory (Greece) 1982; MA in Musicology and Music pedagogy, University of Munich (Germany) 1988 (thesis: Form in Joseph Haydn’s Early String Quartets); PhD in Musicology, “magna cum laude”, University of Munich (Germany) 1990 (dissertation: The Organ in Byzantine Court Ceremonial of the 9th and 10th century).

Maliaras served as a teaching fellow at the University of Crete. 1995 he was elected a member of the teaching staff of the Department of Music Studies at the University of Athens. He gives lectures and seminars on music history and analysis, musical instruments etc. Since September 2010 he chairs the Department. Since June 2011 he serves as the director of the Sector for Historic and Systematic Musicology and the Laboratory for the Study of Greek Music.

He has published five books and numerous articles in Greek and international periodicals and has taken part in many international congresses in Greece and abroad. He is also a collaborator of the publications department of the Athens Concert Hall.

His scientific interests focus on the analytical study of music by Manolis Kalomiris and other representatives of the Greek national school as well as investigating the field of byzantine secular music and musical instruments through historical, philological, archaeological and pictorial sources. He has also published studies on certain aspects of the work of Bach, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Haydn, Stravinsky, R. Strauss, Chopin et al.

He is also the permanent conductor of the Students’ Choir of the Department of Music Studies at the Athens University, appearing in Athens as well as abroad (Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Austria), and of the “Manolis Kalomiris” Children’s Choir, which is the permanent collaborator of the Greek National Opera and the Athens Festival. He is the Chairman of the Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra, Secretary of the “Manolis Kalomiris Society” and Member of the Society of the Friends of the Greek Music Library.