Review of Theory and Praxis of Music

Dimitris Mantzilas

He was born in Athens in 1972. He studied Classics at the University of Athens. In 1995 he gained a Greek State’s scholarship and continued his studies at the University Paris-IV (Paris-Sorbonne), where he prepared a D.E.A. (1996) and a Doctorat (2000) in Latin Literature, titled: Les divinités dans l’œuvre poétique d’Ovide (The Deities in Ovid’s Poetical Work). Moreover, he has translated and / or commentated various Greek and Roman authors and anonymous poems (Callimachus, Sappho, Aristophanes, Alcman, Herondas, Life of Aesop, Carmina Burana, Cicero, Plutus, Catullus, Tacitus). He is mostly interested in Roman religion and mythology, lyric poetry, magic, medicine, comedy, bucolic poetry, astronomy, and Etruscology. Last but not least, he plays the piano and sings in choirs as an amateur.