Review of Theory and Praxis of Music

Irini Theodosopoulou

Ph.D. in Musicology, Faculty of Musical Studies, School of Philosophy, University of Athens; a recipient of a state scholarship, she completed her doctoral work under the supervision of Professor George Amargianakis. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Musical Studies of the University of Athens and of the National Conservatory of Athens, where she completed her studies in piano. She was teaching as an adjunct member at the Music Department, University of Athens. During the years 1998-2003 she participated as a researcher at the following Research Programs: 1) “Thalitas: The Violin Tradition in the Traditional Music of Crete”, under the aegis of the Institute of Mediterranean Studies (Institution of Technology and Research) and the Music Department at the University of Athens, 2) “Ancient – Byzantine – Traditional Music”, under the aegis of the I.M.S. / I.T.R., and 3) “Enrichment of the Archive of Traditional Music”, under the aegis of the Music Department at the University of Athens. Her interests and research include work on the morphology of Greek traditional music and on transcribing the traditional music of Greece in the system of European notation with specific signs. She has also conducted field research in various regions of Crete during the years 1998-2004.