Review of Theory and Praxis of Music

Athanasios Zervas

Born in 1959. He is composer, theorist, and saxophonist. He has written for solo instruments, chamber, orchestral, and vocal ensembles, electroacoustic music, and music for film, theater, and jazz for small and large ensembles. He is a specialist in pitch-class set theory, contemporary music, composition, orchestration, saxophone, and jazz improvisation. His articles and research papers have been published by the University of Central Missouri, the University of Macedonia (Greece), the MUSE Institute of Greece, the Greek Composers Union, the Hellenic Saxophone Association; his compositions have been published by Jeanne Inc. Dr. Zervas is the editor of the electronic theory / composition journal mus-e-journal at, and the founder of the Athens Saxophone Quartet. He has recordings with BMG, Centaur, EMI, FM, Libra, Magni, Mercury / Universal, Aristotelian University Studio. He holds a Doctorate of Music in Composition and a Master of Music in Saxophone from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Chicago State University, and he is an Associate Professor of Music Theory – Music Creation at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece.