Guidelines to contributors

Musicology (Musicología) appears twice a year. Contributors are kindly requested to submit papers by the end of March (summer issue) or by the end of September (winter issue). Papers should be sent by e-mail to, in doc format.

A short curriculum vitae and an abstract both in English and in Greek should be attached to the papers. Papers are subject to review and should not have been published elsewhere.

Format of bibliographical references:

Books: Umberto Eco, Come si fa una tesi di laurea, Fabbri-Bompiani, Milano 1977, p. 234-238. [Do not insert a comma between place and year of publication; not pages”, page” or “pp.”, just p.]
Journals: John Peponis, «The spatial culture of factories», Human Relations 38, 1985, p. 357-390. [The title of the article is included between Greek quotation marks; the title of the journal is in italics; not in: before the title of the journal; do not insert a comma between the title of the journal and the number of the issue]
Texts that appear in collective works or readers: Gilles Deleuze, «Quest-ce quun dispositif?», in: Michel Foucault, philosophe, Seuil, Paris 1989, p. 112. [In case there is an editor: in: François Ewald (ed.), Title, etc.; in case the reference concerns a text that appears in a collection of papers by the same author, do not use in:: Gilles Deleuze, «Ce que les enfants disent», Critique et clinique, Les Éditions de Minuit, Paris 1993]
Already mentioned references:
  • If there is only one reference to an author: Eco, loc. cit., p. 121.
  • If there are references to several works by the same author, the first words of the title should be also mentioned: Peponis, «The spatial…», loc. cit., p. 360.
  • For a reference mentioned immediately above the current reference: Ibid.
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