Bibliographical references

Books: Umberto Eco, Come si fa una tesi di laurea, Fabbri-Bompiani, Milano 1977, p. 234-238. [Do not insert a comma between place and year of publication; not pages”, page” or “pp.”, just p.]
Journals: John Peponis, «The spatial culture of factories», Human Relations 38, 1985, p. 357-390. [The title of the article is included between Greek quotation marks; the title of the journal is in italics; not in: before the title of the journal; do not insert a comma between the title of the journal and the number of the issue]
Texts that appear in collective works or readers: Gilles Deleuze, «Quest-ce quun dispositif?», in: Michel Foucault, philosophe, Seuil, Paris 1989, p. 112. [In case there is an editor: in: François Ewald (ed.), Title, etc.; in case the reference concerns a text that appears in a collection of papers by the same author, do not use in:: Gilles Deleuze, «Ce que les enfants disent», Critique et clinique, Les Éditions de Minuit, Paris 1993]
Already mentioned references:
  • If there is only one reference to an author: Eco, loc. cit., p. 121.
  • If there are references to several works by the same author, the first words of the title should be also mentioned: Peponis, «The spatial…», loc. cit., p. 360.
  • For a reference mentioned immediately above the current reference: Ibid.
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