1st International Congress of Musicology

Athens Goethe Institute, 25-27 February 2002

Paper Abstracts

Katy Romanou

Musicís Value and the Development of Music Historiography

Historic research, influenced by New Musicology, shows that commercialization of music is a feature of Humanism and all its reappearances. The speaker shows the role of commerce in the dissemination of Greek theoretical treatises to Italian humanists. She also accredits to commerce the varied and rich material for the study of music that became amply available during the 19th century and especially during the 20th century.
The speaker tends to believe that music that annihilates individuality has ousted, today, music that develops individuality, because of the following concurrences: The 19th century developments, related to the propagation of the great composersí works, are also interpreted by historians as the beginnings of the separation between light and serious music. Their boundaries became most obvious in the 20th century, when the idiom of serious music was much differentiated from the 19th century idiom, which remained the idiom of 20th centuryís light music, the music of the cinema and television. In addition, it was that idiom, characterized by liturgical harmony, that spread in the 20th century, in the process of the westernization of indigenous musical traditions, all over the world.

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