1st International Congress of Musicology

Athens Goethe Institute, 25-27 February 2002


Evangelos Moutsopoulos

He was born in Athens in 1930. He got a Ph.D. degree in 1958 from the University of Paris. He was a professor at the University of Athens (1969) and its dean (1977). He is a member of the Academy of Athens since 1984. He was a visiting professor in numerous Universities and research centers of international acclaim. Also, he is a honorary member of many national and international foreign academies.
Moutsopoulos is the author of philosophical works in 59 volumes, in Greek, French and English. Quite a number have also appeared translated into various languages.
His research in the fields of systematic philosophy and the history of philosophy led him to the construction, foundation and introduction of five new philosophical branches: the philosophy of weather; the philosophy of art (in a regenerated sense); the philosophy of Greek civilization; the history of Neohellenic philosophy; and the philosophy of the cosmic space. He has also studied the philosophy of music, a contribution reinforced by his creativity in music.
He was repeatedly acclaimed with honorary doctor’s degrees and other distinctions. He participated in hundreds of international congresses abroad. In 1966 he created the Corpus Philosophorum Graecorum Recentiorum (CPGR), a work incorporated in the activities of the Foundation for the Research and Editions of Neohellenic Philosophy (1975). He is the founder and president of the international philosophical periodical Diotima. In 1984 the Academy of Athens entrusted him with the general supervision of the periodical Philosophia, the year-book of the Academy’s Center for the Research of Greek Philosophy.