2nd International Congress of Musicology

Athens Concert Hall, 4-6 November 2003


Alexandra Goulaki-Voutyra

Born in Thessaloniki, she studied archaeology and history of art at the University of Thessaloniki and also music at the State School of Music of Thessaloniki. Ph.D. in Archaeology, University of Bonn (Germany) and collaborator of the Greek section of LIMC (Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae). 1982-1994 Assistant Professor for history of art at the Polytechnic Faculty of the University of Thessaloniki. Since 1995 Professor for Musical Iconography in the Department of Music; 1999-2003 Head of the Department of Music and 2003 Dean of the School of Fine Arts in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Supervisor for postgraduate students in the Department of Architecture and the Department of Music.
She is specialised in modern Greek Sculpture. A main topic of her research has been the work of the modern Greek sculptor Yannoulis Halepas along with his fatherís important marble-carving workshop. Since 1985 she is also doing research in Musical Iconography and has participated in several meetings of the Study Group for Musical Iconography of the ICTM. She was in charge of a state-sponsored research project concerning decorative marble sculpture in churches of the 18th to 20th centuries in the Aegean islands; scientific collaborator in a research project concerning musical iconography in the Greek antiquity, sponsored by the Ministry of Research and Technology (1995); in charge of the archive for Musical Iconography in the Department of Music, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
She organized an exhibition on Musical Iconography for the Organisation Friends of the Foundation Melina Merkouri (March 2002). Scientific consultant for the exhibition on Music and Dance organized by the Greek Ministry of Culture for 2003 (Brussels and Berlin). Partner in the project Culture 2000 concerning virtual exhibitions in the web for musical iconography (organizer for the exhibition: Rhythm on music and dance). General Secretary in the administration board of the Tellogleion Foundation (Art Institute and Collection under the authority of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). She has organized a large number of exhibitions on Greek art and published many books, articles and papers in the fields of her research. Member of learned Societies in Greece and Abroad.