Abstracts of issue 1/1985 (1)

Dimitris Yannou

Public Relations and Socio-Cultural Function of the Opera-Theatre

This article is a study-proposal for the establishment of a repertory service at the Greek National Opera (E.L.S.). The contents, goals and usefulness of the contacts between an opera house and its public are examined at first-especially within the frame of conditions in Greece, as well as some possibilities towards a systematic programming of the repertoire and the advantages such things offer. A brief presentation of the Dramaturgie as an institution of the German-speaking theatres is offered in continuation, and the establishment of a similar service under the name of Service of Dramatology and Public Relations in the only Greek Opera House (the E.L.S.) is proposed. In the last part of the article a detailed definition of the competency of that organization is given and specific proceedings for the transition from the imperfectly formed existing services of the E.L.S. in the above-mentioned field and the time (both short-termed and long-termed) such an achievement will take is determined.