Abstracts of issue 3/1985 (3)

Ion Zottos

Sir Michael Tippetts King Priam. An Epic Opera about the Fate

This comprehensive article on Sir Michael Tippetts second opera is divided into three parts, each of which has two sections.
  1. The Historical Part is divided into
    1. The Genesis of the Work and
    2. Drama and Opera.
  2. The Dramatic Characterization takes us
    1. From Homer to Tippett to
    2. The dramatis personae.
  3. Musical Analysis starts with
    1. The Musical Language of the Work and rounds off the article with a discussion of
    2. The Orchestration and Musical Characterization.
Secondary material apart, the author has used first hand information he had with Sir Michael Tippett at the Radio in Athens, as well as in private conversations he had with the composer.