Abstracts of issue 1/1986 (4)

Rokus De Groot

On the Receptivity to Eastern Thought in Contemporary Western Art Music

Translation in Greek: Katy Romanou
Based on numerous examples from both Western and Eastern civilizations, the article attempts to show that the evolution of Western science and art is inherently leading to a meeting of the East and the West.
Since the East and the West split (about the 5th c. B.C.) the western conception of the world has been mechanistic, based on the dualism of spirit and matter, whereas the eastern one has been organic (the cosmos is one inseparable reality). This fundamental antithesis has been gradually bridged through the ages and most effectively by Einstein, who established a close relationship between matter and energy. Interrelated and analogous were the developments in the arts and music of the West. They permit the conclusion that in recent Western music traditions there is at least a germ of genuine receptivity to the East.