Abstracts of issue 1/1986 (4)

Panikos Giorgoudis

Examination and Presentation of the First Collection of Cyprian Songs and Dances

This text deals with Cyprus Songs and Dances, 21 pieces for singing and piano, edited by Christos Apostolidis, director of the Third School of Limassol, on October 1910. The pieces in this oldest collection of Cyprian folk tunes are harmonized by Dionysios Laurangas (1860-1941), an important composer of the late Ionian School and the early National School of Greece.
From historical information it is deduced that these folk tunes are not up to 1908 well known in Greece. The form for voice and piano, in which were performed these songs in a concert of Athens Conservatory in June 1908, has certainly helped their reception by the Athenian public of that time. The article exposes problems on the varied forms existing in Cyprus of the songs published in this edition, on their rhythmic species and their categories. The text hints also on the problem of the harmonic elaboration of modal melodies, and the resulting alienation from the folk songs style and atmosphere.