Abstracts of issue 1/1986 (4)

George Leotsakos

Kalomiris Opera O Protomastoras, a Milestone in the History of Greek Music

This very short text on Manolis Kalomiris (1883-1962) O Protomastoras (i.e. The Master Builder), a music tragedy in two acts and intermezzo, attempts to compile everything that the Greek music lover should know about the first opera of the Greek National School, world premiered in Athens, 11 March 1916. Originally, the text was intended as programme notes for a new presentation of the work by the Greek National State Opera in 1983, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Kalomiris birth. It is to be deplored that due to various reasons this presentation never took place. A much broader analysis of the opera, not only from the purely musical and aesthetic point of view, but also within its historical and social contest, is incorporated in a large-scale work on Kalomiris by George Leotsakos. The most substantial part of it is considered as almost complete.