Abstracts of issue 5-6 (1987)

Jean-Pierre Armengaud

The Reform of Musical Instruction in France

Translation: Jean-Christof Dufrène
Jean-Pierre Armengaud, director of the French Institute in Athens, presents the outlines of the Reform of Musical Instruction in France. The reform was realized by a decision of André Malraux, who created to this end a Music Service in the Ministry of Culture. The reform, developed on a regional basis, aims to the perfection of training for professional musicians and instructors of music and to the creation of active amateurs of music.
A Report by the Musical Instruction Reforms Technical Committee deals with musical education in school (infant and elementary school, second degree education), with the training of instructors and professors of music, and with elected music classes (baccalauréat of music technicians, F 11 and A 3).
Emphasis is given on specialized music education (regional conservatories or schools of music), the relation of the state to musical education and on the foundation of a central Institute of Musical Pedagogy (Documentation, Coordination and Research Center).
Special attention is drawn to the role of Research Centers, the University and higher education establishments, and to the continuous formation of an instructing corpus.

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