Abstracts of issue 5-6 (1987)

Litsa Tsokani

Modes of Communication and Structure of the Folk Dance Songs

The aim of this paper was to investigate from the point of view of communication theory:

  • First, the phenomenon of repetition in the macro- and micro-structure of the Greek folk dance songs.

  • Second, the phenomenon of the breaks (tsakismata) as a factor contributing to the process of repetition-variation.
The relationship between verse and melody was examined in details in order for the communicative dimensions of these phenomena to be enlightened. The basic conclusion of the analysis was that due to the repetition as well as the linguistic tsakismata the structure of the songs becomes itself communicative; more concretely, repetition in macro- and micro-structure belongs to a kind of emphatic destination helping the coherence of the dancing group, while tsakismata to a kind of emotional one, which singers expressivity and interpretations are the main elements.