Abstracts of issue 7-8 (1989)

Louis Albert Bourgault-Ducoudray

Recollections of a Musical Expedition in Greece and the Orient

Translation in Greek: Katy Romanou
The text published in this issue of Musicology is the first one published by the author after he returned to Paris from Greece (1st publication: 1876, 2nd: 1878). Moreover, this text is interesting, because one can see how new looked like the oriental civilization in the eyes of western musicians of 19th century. This is why certain technical terms used by the author have not been corrected in this translation. In addition, some terms that Bourgault-Ducoudray himself did not translate, remain with the same pronunciation. Obviously he had heard them spoken that way by the Greeks (for example sandour and not sandouri, bouzouk and not bouzouki, etc.).
Finally, it is worth mentioning that there are many common things (for example the names: Violakis, Afthonidis) between this text and the material supplied by the paper Greek Keyboard Instruments, published in this issue of Musicology.