Musicology (Musicología) presents in this issue studies on historical sources and on a systematic approach of Greek musical tradition. These studies are presented in five papers concerning Greek musical culture developed during three main periods in the history of Greek music (ancient, medieval and modern) and in the first texts by Petros Petridis on the character of Greek national music.
An original paper on the theory of ancient Greek music is published in this issue. Professor Thomas J. Mathiesen – the author – is a theoretician of text criticism and general editor of the bilingual series Greek and Latin Music of the University of Nebraska. He is also editor of the Catalogue raisonné of RISM (Répertoire International des Sources Musicales) that includes all ancient Greek codexes with theoretical texts. Professor Mathiesen kindly placed this paper at the disposal of Musicology at the same time the Catalogue raisonné was completed.
The historical problems presented in this issue with the paper on Greek keyboard instruments allows a better understanding of the meaning that the discussion on Greek music and Greek National School had back in 1916. The discussion was carried out through the columns of the paper Esperia (appeared in London) and included texts written by Petros Petridis and critique developed by C. Psachos. The critique concerned the National School of Manolis Kalomoiris. The readers of Musicology will evaluate the classical character of these texts.
The last section of this issue concerns persons and problems in the fields of European aesthetics of music and musical life.

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