Abstracts of issue 7-8 (1989)

Byron Fidetzis (research and biography)

Texts on Greek Music in the Newspaper Esperia (London 1916)

Musicology presents here the earliest texts of Petros Petridis (1892-1977), one of the main representatives of the Greek National School. He was a corresponding member of the French Academy since 1958, having taken Sibelius place, and was also a member of the Academy of Athens since 1959.
These texts were first published in the newspaper Esperia in 1916. The first edition of this newspaper appeared in March 1916. Greek residents there published it in the Greek language. The texts of Petridis are of great historical and ideological interest; they treat essential problems in the debate about the character of Greek music, the possibility of Greek art music, as well as its relation to Byzantine and Greek folk music. The debate about the correct art of the harmonization of Byzantine and folk music was in its zenith in Greece during the first decades of the century, the period of the foundation of the Greek National School.
A text by K. A. Psachos, a Professor at the Athenian Conservatory, is also included. This text expresses the ideological opposition against the composers of the National School and, generally, against the western methods of harmonization of monodical music.
Also included is the Byzantine church monody Ti Ypermáho Stratigó, which was set in the Motet form by P. Petridis, as an example of the harmonization of a Byzantine monody.

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