Abstracts of issue 14 (2000)

Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou

Models of Musical Aesthetics and Formal Analysis

This article is an extract form the writers book Einführung in Probleme der Musikästhetik issued in 1981 by Heinrichshofen editions (Wilhelmshaven) in the series Veröffentlichungen zur Musikforschung (volume 5).
The text deals with the fundamental meanings of Kants third Critique (Critique of Judgment), such as reflection, aesthetic induction in relation to logical induction, the aesthetic idea in relation to the regulative idea, as well as the particular meaning of empathy. These meanings are analyzed in their diversity from Kants theory of knowledge. The writer examines them applied on the character of Beethovens sonata form and compares them to meanings of the study of musical form – in the sense of functional analysis, such as E. Ratzs theory. Thus, this article projects the question of formal analysis in relation to a modern aesthetic theory.

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