Abstracts of issue 16 (2002)

Maria Efstratiadi

Giorgos Sisilianos’ Etudes Compositionnelles. An Essay of Presentation

In this article, which is part of a thesis entitled Research in the Piano Works of the Greek Composer Giorgos Sisilianos and submitted to the Music Academy of Hanover, the pianist Maria Efstratiadi gives an analysis of Giorgos Sisilianos’ eight Etudes compositionnelles for solo piano. She clarifies that étude in this case does not refer to piano playing, but to a composition for the piano, and that, despite its instructive purposes, this is a charming work for solo piano, in which the instrument’s expressive and timbral possibilities are exploited, combined harmoniously, developed and expanded in depth.
The writer proceeds to a structural analysis of the eight studies, that include serial use of rhythmic values (“Pour le rythme”), extremely varied timbres – produced in the strings as well as on the keyboard (“Pour le timbre”) – and dynamics (“Pour la dynamique”), a delightful blend of three opposed styles: Stravinsky’s, Messiaen’s and that of a trivial Greek march (“Pour la forme III – Thèmes juxtaposés libres”), and other most interesting inventions.

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