Abstracts of issue 18 (2003)

Musicological and Musical Studies in Higher Education: Academic Structure and University Policy (A Meeting organized by Musicology, Athens 18/3/2003, Athens Goethe Institute)

This section includes the proceedings of a meeting organised by Musicologia in the Goethe-Institut Athen by reason of the current policy of the Greek universities’ Music Departments, since recently what has been increasingly sought after is a mixture of artistic and university studies in the aforesaid schools. After welcoming addresses by the president of the Music Department of the Athens University, professor Gregorios Stathis, and the Secretary-General of the Federation of Greek Universities Teaching and Research Staff Associations (POSDEP), associate professor Nikos Theotokas, an introduction to the subject of the meeting by the editor-in-chief of Musicologia, professor Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou, and a brief lecture by professor Nikos Petralias, who expanded on the problems Greek universities in general are currently confronted with, the participants touched upon the academic frame of studies in several countries, aiming at creating a comparative framework for the problems that plague Greek Music Departments today. Thus, Musicologia’s initiative exposed certain aspects of the university policy and contributed to promoting the discussion about the formation of the musical and musicological studies and their more rational construction, as well as the syllabus, the status of the degrees, and the academic qualifications for professors, and, last but not least, the problems in research and vocational guidance of the graduates. It also put forward the request for the foundation of a Music Academy or a Higher Music School in Greece, independent of the University, which would contribute to a more rational regulation of higher musical and musicological studies in Greece.

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