Abstracts of issue 18 (2003)

Michalis Patseas

Studies of Musicology, Music and Musical Education in the University Education in Hungary

Hungary has a rich tradition in music and musical education. More than 20 universities, colleges, and art institutes offer musical studies. The “Ferenc Liszt University of Music” is the only complete university-level institution, having eight music departments, one musical education department and the only musicology department in Hungary. Five more universities have 32 departments altogether, offering music and instrumental teacher training at collegiate level. There are 14 more teacher-training colleges, having departments for music teachers for elementary education. The “Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music” in Kecskemét is a special institution of higher education offering postgraduate training in choir conducting and musical education (Kodály method) mainly for foreigners. Only those institutions offering five-year-long studies and having teaching personnel with doctorates can be recognized as universities. Full postgraduate and doctoral studies are considered to be necessary in order to raise the standards of the university-level musical education. Implementing a doctorate designed for artists (Doctor Liberalium Artium, DLA) is the chosen solution for enabling them to become university professors.

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