Abstracts of issue 19 (2007)

Ion Zottos

The “Athens Ballet” in South Africa in 1948. Skalkottas and Dora Vlastou

The present essay is clearly divided into two main sections. Section I deals with (a) Skalkottas’ tonal, “impressionistic” piano piece Echo and its adaptation for two pianos by the Greek pianist and champion of Manos Hatzidakis’ music Yannis Papadopoulos; (b) a restitution of the erroneous dating of Echo given by the musicologist Yannis G. Papaioannou; (c) the performance of works by Greek composers (Mitropoulos, Hatzidakis, Evanghelatos, Palantios, Skalkottas, Kydoniatis, G. Lambelet) arranged for two pianos by Y. Papadopoulos and performed by K. Kamkoutis-Nicols’ “Athens Ballet” in South Africa in 1948, with Dora Vlastou as prima ballerina; (d) reviews, as well as Nicols’ view on the originality of Greek ballet dancing. Section II deals with reminiscences of Skalkottas by Dora Vlastou, written in 1961, giving a vivid portrait of him both as a man and as a composer.

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