Abstracts of issue 20 (2011)

A tribute to Agamemnon Mourtzopoulos (1922-2005)

This brief tribute contains, among others, three papers by the guest of honour, the composer, musicologist and philosopher Agamemnon Mourtzopoulos. The first of them is the eminent “Reflections on Manolis Kalomiris’ Third Symphony”, a text in which also extensively refers the next article by Apostolos Kostios. Mourtzopoulos’ second text published here is known only in a few friends of his; this is a stylistic sample of his special lingual aptitude and satirical vein that rises from a critical spirit, accustomed to music and dialogic literature. The third paper by Mourtzopoulos is a lecture of his in the honorary “Antiochos Evangelatos’ evening” that took place in March 3, 1992. Next comes Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou’s article entitled “Agamemnon Mourtzopoulos’ essays on music critique and music aesthetics in the frame of musicology”, which refers to papers kindly given to the author by Mary Mourtzopoulou, the constant helpmate of the vanished. In conclusion, Ritsa Frangou-Kikilia also elucidates Mourtzopoulos’ analytical interpretative strength in relation to philological research in one pioneer study of his on Palamas and Sikelianos.

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