Abstracts of issue 21 (2013)

Ioannis Fulias

Konstantin D. Economo: a pioneer of the science of musicology in interwar Greece

Among the manifold sources of Greek music historiography are surely placed all music periodicals that flourished especially during the first decade of the 20th century as well as around 1930. Focusing on the second of these brief periods of time in which Greek music periodicals were circulating, the contribution of Konstantin D. Economo in the local cultivation of musicology is impressive not only for its volume and the range of topics that covers, but also for its incomparable qualitative dimension and its genuine scientific orientation, which of course stems from the fact that this author was one of the first Greeks who made comprehensive musicological studies abroad. So, in this paper we try to find information on the life and the career of this completely forgotten after 1930s Doctor of musicology of the University of Vienna as well as to make a first classification and critical presentation of his hitherto known writings, which cover the period from 1924 to 1936 and include articles in newspapers and periodicals of that era along with an (only partially published) monograph entitled Aesthetics of music.