Abstracts of issue 21 (2013)

Sofia Kontossi

Aspects of the Athenian musical life during the 1930s through Manolis Kalomiris’ activity: The symphonic concert series at Neo Faliro Beach

The present paper aims at the complete reconstitution of Manolis Kalomiris’ activity with the Neo Faliro Beach Symphonic Orchestra (an orchestra formed and conducted by himself during the summer periods of 1930-1932), by exploiting a number of rare concert programs found in the Leonidas Zoras Archive as well as data that have been drawn up from the daily Press concerning the aforementioned period. Concurrently, through the critical view over the repertoire performed, it attempts to understand the motives that led Kalomiris to undertake this activity and the designation of its goals, but also to evaluate the significance of such a project in the social context of that time.

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