Abstracts of issue 22 (2015)

Anastasia Georgaki

Language and cybernetics in A. Logothetis’ Hörspiel Kybernetikon (1971)

Anestis Logothetis’ graphical scores are mostly an elaboration of radical formalistic patterns and pre-media “sonograms”, where interpretation is replaced with a project of research than that of determination.

His scientific background and his readings on information theory and constructivism led him to use the term cybernetics not in terms of the “science” of communication, feedback, and control in mechanical, biological, and social systems, but mostly as an “art” focused on converting knowledge into choice and converting choice into action.

In this paper we will first define the use of cybernetics in music in the ’70s, and precise more Logothetis’ approach through the presentation of the Hörspiel Kybernetikon (1971) in order to reveal the micro-and macro-aesthetics of the piece, the critical degree of indeterminacy, the different combinations of the phonetic, semantic and syntactic values of human voice, and the interconnection between human and positive sciences through the path of philosophy.

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