Abstracts of issue 22 (2015)

Charalampos Ch. Spyridis

Elements of Language Theory in the study of rhythmic languages

Music from the ancient times is based on the foundations of a very strict mathematical formalism (Nicomahos from Gerasa, Introduction to Arithmetic). Today the Computational Science, confronting music as a language having an alphabet and a lexicon, penetrates interpreting and calculating the lexical wealth of each musical rhythmic aspect.

In the presentation, the treatment of Music as a language of music pitches will be exposed, as language of time durations, as language of music pitches and time durations, by quoting evidence of the elements of the Set Theory and the Language Theory.

Elements of the language of the simple bilateral rhythm and of the simple trilateral rhythm are mentioned, and based on these the rhythmic richness of any composite musical rhythm is studied and calculated.