1st International Congress of Musicology

Athens Goethe Institute, 25-27 February 2002

Paper Abstracts

Byron Fidetzis

Greek Music Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

In the present paper an attempt is made to demonstrate the basic contrast, which characterizes the modern Greek world as regards the concept of its own musical creation. The speaker holds the view that this contrast was originally to be found in the different concepts concerning music, held in the mainland of Greece and in Asia Minor. The beginnings of creativity in the realm of music in modern Greece and the parallel acceptance of the European sound (always in conjunction with the more general tendencies in the Greek State), have as a result the gradual establishment of modern Greek music, in the urban centres in particular. This was the state of the affairs till about 1920.
From 1920 onwards the contrast takes another dimension, partly because of the nature of the musical langage, setting aside such prerequisites regarding its understanding, with the result that the problem of difference in conception is turned to a problem of aesthetics and, finally, to one of musical education.