2nd International Congress of Musicology

Athens Concert Hall, 4-6 November 2003


Katy Romanou

Ph.D in Musicology (Music Department, University of Athens, 1993), M.Mus. in Musicology (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 1974). She was a music critic at the daily Kathimerini (1974-1986) and teacher at various music Conservatories. She is teaching at the School of Music of the University of Athens since 1993. She has done considerable research work in the music of the Neohellenic civilization. Her publications include the two-volume work Wandering National Music: 1901-1912 (Athens 1996) as well as a History of Neohellenic Art Music (Athens 2000). She is a member of the Advisory and the Editorial Board of Musicology.