Abstracts of issue 9 (1997)

Markos Tsetsos

Time, Subject and Musical Form. Some Problems of Music Aesthetics in Hegel

This article has two objects. The first is the presentation of well-known topics of Hegelian music aesthetics, seen through material taken from works, such as Die Phänomenologie des Geistes, Die Enzyklopädie der Philosophischen Wissenschaften, and especially Die Wissenschaft der Logik, wich confirm the theoretical unity of Hegels system and enlightens us on the origin of certain terms of his music aesthetic theory. The second object is the examination of the problem concerning the musical theme in conjunction to the musical form as a whole, through the juxtapposition of this well-known conception with structures of the Begriffslogik, which marks an antinomy between the ideal logical model and the aesthetic reception of immanent musical processes which could, however, be interpreted through the above mentioned logical model. Particular emphasis is put on Beethovens music in connection with this problem.

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