Abstracts of issue 10-11 (1998)

Apostolos Kostios

Minos Dounias (1900-1962)

Apostolos Kostios article on Minos Dounias is based upon documents brought to light by the research and study of sources, a work in process. Many among Dounias students and collaborators in the schools where he taught (the American College for Girls and the Athens College) were interviewed and their testimonies, cross examined and documented by unknown up the present sources, provided the writer with most important information on the life and work of this Greek musicologist. Kostios presents Dounias work in music education, as documented by his autograph notes and teaching material; he quotes excerpts from texts highly important for the history of musical life in Greece, and presents his norms and evaluation principles as a music critic, deduced from his own unpublished texts. Kostios procures hereby the reader with lists of the titles of Dounias published essays found in isolated sources, and the titles of his unpublished studies and lectures (discovered in autograph material). He demonstrates thus the subjects that attracted this important musicologist, revealing the diversity of his interests.