Abstracts of issue 15 (2002)

Ludwig Finscher

Composition after Beethoven. A Contribution to the History of the Symphony from Beethoven to Schumann

Translation in Greek: Oly Psychopedis-Frangou, Markos Tsetsos
This article is a lecture delivered by Ludwig Finscher in the Athens Megaron on April 26, 2001, published herein with the kind permission of Lilian Voudouri Library. The article examines the reasons that made Haydn’s symphonic form binding to all the composers of his and the following generations; the revolutionary changes introduced by Beethoven and the evolution of the symphony to a programmatic and poetic content. The differences among composers as well as the problem of the models’ imitation are discussed. Works by Haydn, C. Baguer, S. Welsey, Beethoven, F. Ries, J. W. Kalliwoda, Berlioz, N. Burgmüller, Mendelssohn and others are comparatively interpreted, with the aesthetic criteria of form, expression, and content.

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