Abstracts of issue 18 (2003)

Pyrros Bamichas

Higher Musical Education in Great Britain

This brief paper aims at displaying the basic parameters that rule the function of higher music education in Great Britain. Through a careful view upon organization of studies, and its existing specialisations – on both undergraduate and postgraduate level – it becomes clear that the structural frame of music education, at the academic status, operates under high standards greatly influenced by various rules of custom. One of the most important issues discussed here is the qualitative difference between “Conservatories” and purely Academic Institutions, and the discrimination of duties for academic tutors in music departments, where theoretical and practical studies are combined. At this point, it should be underlined that the indications about the aforementioned issue directly concern some specific problems of constitutional nature, which, unfortunately, because of a weak legal basis, sprang up on the higher music educational system of our country.

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