Abstracts of issue 18 (2003)

Smaragda Chrysostomou

The Education of Music Teachers in Greece: A Comparative Approach

Music education in Greece has been gaining considerable interest for the past twenty years. With the creation of the Departments for Musical Studies, musicology and music education were attributed academic status. The majority of the graduates from the university departments as well as the conservatoires are interested in working as music teachers in all levels of education. How well are they prepared for this profession? Is their educational preparation sufficient? Through a longitudinal study of three different groups of music teachers in England and Greece, by utilizing the English paradigm and applying comparative methodological tools, we can claim that: a) a very good and spherical knowledge of music is imperative, which can be gained only through the university departments, and b) the preparation of future music teachers needs to include theoretical studies in music education and music teaching as well as their application.