Abstracts of issue 20 (2011)

Iakovos Steinhauer

Ideas on the aesthetics of film music

It is widely held that the primary function of film music is to support, in a psychologically effective way, the narrative level of a movie as a synthetic art form, that is to add intensity and insistency by means of the emotional response to sound. Although such a view seems to be irrefutable with regard to the assessment of the practise of film making, on closer examination of the history of film, it becomes apparent, however, that there are phases of internal connection between the two arts. In these phases, film music, as being an independent layer of the movie, has a bearing on the formerís structural organization and its story line. While the article focuses on these particular phases, it is aiming to show the very aspects of film music, which determine the functional characteristics of music against the background of its specific aesthetical preconditions.

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