Abstracts of issue 22 (2015)

Iakovos Steinhauer

An aesthetic approach to the musicality of language, image and body

Starting with an aesthetic approach to the role of music in the works as synthesis of different arts, such as theater, opera, ballet, cinema, we identify the function of music in the coordination and integration of different modes of morphological organization as the result from the necessity of the individual material of each art. We discover a basic principle of convergence of the arts in these works which is the idea of a “musicality”, of a “musical gesture” as a form of expression based not on ideas but on the bodyliness and movement, yielding in a non-specific but clear way the aimed artistic sense. The concept of music gesture defines the internal principle governing the relationship between the fundamental characteristics of each art without to commit the error to accept the illusion of a tautology of their expressional modes.

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