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George Leotsakos


Albanian Music, or an as yet Unpublished Article for an Encyclopedia [Abstract]
Issue 1/1985 (1)

Dimitry Lθvidis and the Riddle of the “Little Fantasia” [Abstract]

Issue 1/1986 (4)


Kalomiris’ Opera “O Protomastoras”, a Milestone in the History of Greek Music [Abstract]

Issue 1/1986 (4)

Nikolaos Halikiopoulos-Mantzaros (1795-1872). For a Short Guidebook on the Composer [Abstract]
Issue 5-6 (1987)

Manolis Kalomiris on Greek 78 r.p.m. Records [Abstract]
Issue 7-8 (1989)

Dragatakis’ Symphony no 6, “The Duty” [Abstract]
Issue 9 (1997)