Contents of issue 1/1986 (4)

Cover of issue 1/1986 (4)Editorial

George Leotsakos

Dimitry Lèvidis and the Riddle of the Little Fantasia [Abstract]

George Leotsakos

Kalomiris Opera O Protomastoras, a Milestone in the History of Greek Music [Abstract]

Manolis Kalomiris (1883-1962)

About the Harmonization of Folk Songs [Abstract]

Panikos Giorgoudis

Examination and Presentation of the First Collection of Cyprian Songs and Dances [Abstract]

Michalis Adamis

An Example of Polyphony in Byzantine Music of the Late Middle Ages [Abstract]

Diane Touliatos

Psalm 118 in Byzantium and the West
Translation in Greek: Katy Romanou [Abstract]

Oly Psychopedis-Frangou

Four Early Songs by Mikis Theodorakis. The Cycle Eros and Death [Abstract]

Rokus De Groot

On the Receptivity to Eastern Thought in Contemporary Western Art Music
Translation in Greek: Katy Romanou [Abstract]

Haris Xanthoudakis

A Functional View on Musical Material [Abstract]

Claudie Marcel-Dubois

The History of Ethnomusicology
Translation in Greek: Fyllia N. Kikilia [Abstract]

Ion Zottos

A Neoclassical Dramatic Synthesis of the Arts: Greek Subjects in Händels Dramaturgy [Abstract]

Robert Schumann

Musical Rules for the House and the Life
Translation in Greek: Oly Psychopedis-Frangou [Abstract]