2nd International Congress of Musicology

Athens Concert Hall, 4-6 November 2003


Markos Tsetsos

Ph.D. in Musicology (Aesthetics of Music, Athens University, 1999). Diploma (Master of Musical Arts) of orchestra conducting at St. Petersburg State Conservatory and classical guitar at Athens National Conservatory (1986). As a guitarist he has won several international prizes and recorded on LP and CD. As a conductor he has collaborated with the main orchestras of Athens and with the Greek National Opera. He is a lecturer of musical Aesthetics at the Music Department of the University of Athens and a member of the Advisory and the Editorial Board of Musicology. He made and published the first Greek commented translations of some classical texts on musical aesthetics, such as Hegels The Aesthetics of Music and Eduard Hanslicks On the Beautiful of Music. A monograph of his on Schopenhauer is about to be published.