Contents of issue 14 (2000)

Cover of issue 14Editorial

Nikolas Lagoumitzis

The Evolution of Interpretative Aesthetics in the 20th Century through Piano Pedagogy. Essay on the Dissemination of Knowledge of Musical Interpretation [Abstract]

Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou

Models of Musical Aesthetics and Formal Analysis [Abstract]

Theodor W. Adorno

On the Fetish-Character in Music and the Regression of Listening
Translation in Greek: George Fitsioris [Abstract]

Markos Tsetsos

The 4th Symphony of Dmitri Shostakovich: Attempt of Interpretation of an Obscure Work [Abstract]

Nikos Maliaras

Brahms Intermezzi, op. 117. Observations and Thoughts on Certain Fundamental Musical Issues [Abstract]

Ion Zottos

Frederick Delius Interpreted by Beecham, Barbirolli and Collins [Abstract]

Book Reviews:
Eric Chafe

Analyzing Bach Cantatas, Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford 2000.
Review: Katy Romanou [Abstract]

Erwin Ratz

Einführung in die musikalische Formenlehre: über Formprinzipien in den Inventionen und Fugen J. S. Bachs und ihre Bedeutung für die Kompositionstechnik Beethovens (Universal Edition, Vienna 1973), K. Nasos, Athens 1987 (translation in Greek: K. Nasos).
Review: George Zervos [Abstract]