Contents of issue 16 (2002)

Cover of issue 16Editorial

Maria Efstratiadi

Giorgos Sisilianos’ Etudes Compositionnelles. An Essay of Presentation [Abstract]

Egon Wellesz

The Origins of Schönberg’s Twelve-Tone System [Abstract]

Ion Zottos

Egon Wellesz: The First Years in Oxford as Composer of Instrumental Music [Abstract]

Panayiotis Matzoulas

“The Odd Key”. An Interpretive Attempt of Johannes Brahms’ Piano Rhapsody in b minor (Op. 79, No. 1) [Abstract]

Pyrros Bamichas

Melodic Instruments: Role and Profile at Vocal Compositions in the Books of Concertato Secular Music Printed in Italy (1605-1640) [Abstract]

Anna-Maria Rentzeperi

The “Leitmotiv” Technique in M. Kalomiris’ Opera Mother’s Ring [Abstract]

Achilleus G. Chaldaeakes

The Cataloging of the Music Manuscripts of the Greek Islands [Abstract]

John Baily

Amin-e Diwaneh: The Musician as Madman
Translation in Greek: Dafne Tragaki [Abstract]

Book Review:
Thomas J. Mathiesen

Apollo’s Lyre. Greek Music and Music Theory in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln and London 1999 (806 p.).
Review: Katy Romanou