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George Fitsioris


Musical Narratology: A General Survey and an Application (Beethoven, Op. 59, No 3) [Abstract]
Issue 9 (1997)

Levels of Perception: The Possibility of Understanding Tonal-Period Harmonic Plans in Terms of Embedded Narrative Sequences [
Issue 10-11 (1998)

Texts about the Theory of Western Music: Heinrich Schenker, “God” or “Demon”? [
Issue 15 (2002)


Speaking about Music; A Humanistic Demand [Abstract]

The Value of Music Today (2003)

Texts on the Theory of European Music: Sonata Forms [
Issue 17 (2003)

The University Musical Education in the U.S.A. [
Issue 18 (2003)


The General with the Hips of a Ballerina and the Feet of a Hare: The Slow Introduzione of Beethoven’s String Quartet Op. 59 No 3 [Abstract]

Music Analysis and Interpretation (2006)


Approaching early music texts [Abstract]
Issue 21 (2013)


Exciting narratives: Letting the music cultivate our imagination [Abstract]
Issue 22 (2015)