1st International Congress of Musicology

In collaboration with the Athens Goethe Institute

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The Value of Music Today

Music between Humanism and Commercialization

The Value of Music Today Athens Goethe Institute, 25-27 February 2002


Edition Orpheus
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Musicology (Musicologia) owes gratitude to the music publisher “Orpheus” and especially to Mr. Ioannis Terzakis, editor-in-chief of the musicological studies section, for the initiative to undertake the heaviness of this edition, for their support and the professionalism they treated it with.

Volume Contents & Paper Abstracts

Horst Deinwallner

Salutation by the Director of the Goethe Institute in Athens

Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou
Editor-in-chief of Musicology (Musicologia)


Constantin Floros

Music’s Humane Predestination. Dangers of Music’s Dissociation with Man, Today
Translation in Greek: Markos Tsetsos [Abstract]

Evangelos Moutsopoulos

Music as a Cultural Factor of Social Life, Today [Abstract]

Markos Dragoumis

Memories from my Studies with Egon Wellesz [Abstract]

Christoph Stroux

Some Observations on the Issue of National Schools in the Music of the 19th and the 20th Centuries [Abstract]

Christoph Flamm

The Sound of Dictatorships. The Problem of a Distinct Type of “Despised” Music
Translation in Greek: Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou [Abstract]

Iouri Semenov

New Music in Ukraine. The Road to Self-Identification
Translation in Greek: George Fitsioris [Abstract]

Günter Mayer

Reality, Perception-Dimension Aesthetics? Towards a Diversification of the Theory of the Aesthetic Praxis
Translation in Greek: Markos Tsetsos [Abstract]

Panos Vlagopoulos

Empathy and Individuality: Value Judgements and Analytical Choices in the Historiography of Early Music [Abstract]

Anastasios Hapsulas

The Value of Comparative Musicology [Abstract]

Katy Romanou

Music’s Value and the Development of Music Historiography [Abstract]

George Fitsioris

Speaking about Music; A Humanistic Demand [Abstract]

George Zervos

Evaluation Criteria of 20th Century Music, Today [Abstract]

Byron Fidetzis

Greek Music Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea [Abstract]

Nikos Dontas

Discography as a Factor in the Formation of Criteria regarding Musical Life. From the Offer of the Best Viable to the “Best Than True” [Abstract]

Ion Zottos

The Worth and the Value of English Opera ca. 1702 [Abstract]

Alexandros Baltzis

Musical Life and Commodity Relations [Abstract]

Nikos Tsouchlos

Contemporary Questions regarding the Public and Private Support of Musical Life in Western Europe. From the Cult of Institutions to the Cult of the Event [Abstract]

Peter P. Pachl

Festive Manifestations, Festivals, “Event”. Humanistic Ideal or Marketing, Possibilities and Experiences
Translation in Greek: Ioannis Fulias [Abstract]

Michalis Patseas

The Value and Place of Music in the Education and Society of Hungary after 1950 [Abstract]

Kostas Kakavelakis

Music and Poetry in the Post-Human World. An Ambiguous Perspective [Abstract]

Minas I. Alexiadis

The Social Dimensions of Jazz and its Relations to the Commercial and “Easy Listening” Music [Abstract]

Markos Tsetsos

Towards a Theory of the Values of Music Today [Abstract]

Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf

New Music / Human Picture
Translation in Greek: Markos Tsetsos [Abstract]

Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou

Commercialisation and Music Aesthetics; the Question of the Frankfurt School of Criticism [Abstract]

Ludwig Finscher

The Musical Work of Art within the Present State of Music in Germany
Translation in Greek: Ioannis Fulias [Abstract]

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