Contents of issue 18 (2003)

Cover of issue 18Editorial


A Tribute to George Amargianakis (1938-2003) [Abstract]


Gregorios Th. Stathis

Funeral Oration

Irini Theodosopoulou

A Catalogue of Works (in Chronological Order)


Musicological and Musical Studies in Higher Education: Academic Structure and University Policy (A Meeting organized by Musicology, Athens 18/3/2003, Athens Goethe Institute) [Presentation]

Ι. Opening

Gregorios Th. Stathis

Welcoming Address

Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou

Introduction to the Subject of the Meeting

Nikos Petralias

On the Statutory Frame and Other Issues concerning University Studies in Greece

Nikos Theotokas

Academic University or Vocational Training Schools? The Freedom as a Right to Ignorance

ΙΙ. Lectures

a. Academic Structures of Higher Musicological and Musical Studies

Anastasios Hapsulas

Higher Musical Education in Germany [Abstract]

George Zervos

The Musicological Studies in France [Abstract]

George P. Ploumbides

The Musical Education in Russia [Abstract]

George Fitsioris

The University Musical Education in the U.S.A. [Abstract]

Katy Romanou

Under which Conditions do Departments of Music Performance and Musicology Coexist in U.S. Universities? [Abstract]

Ion Zottos

Humanistic Studies at the Traditional American Universities [Abstract]

Pyrros Bamichas

Higher Musical Education in Great Britain [Abstract]

Markos Tsetsos

The Artist, the Scientist, and their Place in Higher Musical Education [Abstract]

b. Music Pedagogics in the Higher Education (Academic Structure, Specialization) and their Relation to General, to Special Elementary and Intermediate Education, and to Conservatories

Michalis Patseas

Studies of Musicology, Music and Musical Education in the University Education in Hungary [Abstract]

Smaragda Chrysostomou

The Education of Music Teachers in Greece: A Comparative Approach [Abstract]

Alexandros Baltzis

Art as Luxury (Clichés and Policy) [Abstract]

Ioannis Fulias

The Role of the Graduates of the Departments of Musical Studies in Musical Education [Abstract]

Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou




Theodor W. Adorno

Translation in Greek: Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou [Abstract]

Theodor W. Adorno

Spätstil Beethovens (Beethoven’s Late Style)
Translation in Greek: Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou [Abstract]

Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou

Nikos Skalkottas and the Tradition of Modern Music [Abstract]

Ilias Giannopoulos

The Return of Ulysses by Nikos Skalkottas: On the Interaction between Dodecaphonism and Conventional Form [Abstract]

Dionisis Boukouvalas

Catalogue of Works by Alekos Xenos (1912-1995) [Abstract]