Contents of issue 20 (2011)

Cover of issue 20Editorial


A tribute to Agamemnon Mourtzopoulos (1922-2005) [Abstract]

Agamemnon T. Mourtzopoulos

Reflections on Manolis Kalomiris’ Third Symphony

Apostolos Kostios

Annotations on Agamemnon Mourtzopoulos’ essay “Reflections on Manolis Kalomiris’ Third Symphony”

Agamemnon T. Mourtzopoulos

[Evlampios and Aprokopos]

Agamemnon T. Mourtzopoulos

Honorary lecture in “Antiochos Evangelatos Evening” (3 March 1992)

Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou

Agamemnon Mourtzopoulos’ essays on music critique and music aesthetics in the frame of musicology

Ritsa Frangou-Kikilia

A study on Palamas and Sikelianos by Agamemnon Mourtzopoulos



Constantin Floros

“Auch das Schöne muß sterben”. Brahms’ Nänie, op. 82

Translation in Greek: Konstantinos D. Kakavelakis [Abstract]

E.T.A. Hoffmann

Beethoven’s instrumental music (introduction and annotated translation by George Sagriotis) [Abstract]

Ioannis Fulias

The question of form of the final movement in the keyboard sonatas by Joseph Haydn in the 1770s [Abstract]

Ion Zottos

The ‘aller-retour’ of Mozart in Paris in 1778 and Baron von Grimm [Abstract]

Iakovos Steinhauer

The constitution of time in New Music: a phenomenological approach [Abstract]

Iakovos Steinhauer

Ideas on the aesthetics of film music [Abstract]

Konstantinos D. Kakavelakis

Human or electronic musical form? Some thoughts with reference to Franco Evangelisti, Theodor Adorno, Luigi Nono, John Cage, Earle Brown and György Ligeti [Abstract]

Evangelia Mantzourani

Twelve-note compositional techniques in Nikos Skalkottas’ works [Abstract]

Giorgos Sakallieros

Transitions of style and texture in Greek Art Music (19th-20th centuries): a historical and critical approach [Abstract]

Christoph Flamm

“Does none then hear this”? Critical and self-critical remarks on the today’s perception about the music of the Italian fascism

Translation in Greek: Ioannis Fulias [Abstract]

Anastasios Hapsulas

Ethnomusicological – Historical approaches of Greek traditional music [Abstract]


Book Reviews

Ludwig Finscher

Geschichte und Geschichten. Ausgewählte Aufsätze zur Musikhistorie (edited and prefaced by Hermann Danuser), Schott, Mainz 2003 (432 pages)
Ioannis Fulias

Apostolos Kostios

75 Years of the Greek Composers Union, 1931-2006. From Chronicle to History, Panas music, Athens 2007
Olympia Psychopedis-Frangou

Charikleia Tsokani

The cry of Medousa. From myth to music, Alexandria Publications, Athens 2006
Review: Anastasios Hapsulas

Markos Dragoumis

Our traditional music, volume 1, Centre for Asia Minor Studies The Friends of Melpo Merliers Music-Ethnological Archive, Athens 2003 &

Our traditional music, volume 2: The transcriptions of Melchisedeks Great Doxology and other essays, Centre for Asia Minor Studies The Friends of Melpo Merliers Music-Ethnological Archive, Athens 2009
Katy Romanou